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Reinventing an engineering firm's digital identity.


Product Designer & Developer


May '23 - August '23
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Kyle Engineering, a seasoned civil and structural engineering consultant firm in Victoria, BC, had a solid reputation but an outdated online presence that didn't reflect their professional expertise or architectural acumen. Recognizing the need for a website as robust and dynamic as their projects, Kyle Engineering partnered with me to overhaul their digital footprint.

The challenge was to create a website that not only resonated with the firm's identity but also streamlined the user experience to reflect the structural and methodical nature of their work.

Understanding the Brand and Setting Objectives

Before diving into the design, I spent time understanding Kyle Engineering's core values and business objectives. The firm prides itself on decades of civil and structural engineering expertise, yet their previous website didn't convey this effectively. My goal was to not only refresh the visual appeal but also reinforce their authority and reliability in the industry. The challenge was to craft a site that felt both modern and timeless, mirroring the precision and strength of Kyle Engineering’s projects.

Design Process and Creative Solutions

The redesign process began with rethinking the site structure to enhance user navigation. Knowing that potential clients often seek specific services or project examples, I focused on creating a clear, logical flow that guides visitors effortlessly to the information they need. I introduced blocky, geometric design elements that subtly reference architectural and structural themes, bringing a sense of the firm's work into the digital space.

In terms of functionality, I ensured the site was responsive across all devices, acknowledging the trend of on-the-go browsing, especially on construction sites or during client meetings. This adaptability challenge meant meticulously planning layouts that maintain visual impact and ease of use on smaller screens.

Streamlining Services

One of the main challenges was integrating the vast array of services offered by Kyle Engineering without overwhelming the user. I addressed this by designing a multi-layer navigation system that categorizes services under broader umbrellas while allowing for easy drilling down into specifics. This approach not only cleaned up the visual clutter but also improved the SEO performance by aligning the site structure more closely with targeted search queries.

Balancing Visual Identity with Professionalism

Kyle Engineering's brand is anchored in strength and precision, traits essential to their field, but also needed a modern touch to attract a broader clientele. Balancing these elements without losing the firm's established identity was a delicate task. We experimented with various color schemes and typography until finding the right mix that was bold yet welcoming, modern yet timeless.

Enhancing User Experience for Diverse Audiences

Kyle Engineering serves a diverse clientele, from private sector developers to public municipal projects. Each audience has different expectations and needs when visiting the site. Tailoring the user experience to cater effectively to these varied groups was challenging. We implemented user personas and journey mapping to design a user interface that was intuitive for all users, whether they were first-time visitors or long-standing clients.

The launch of the redesigned website marked a significant step forward for Kyle Engineering. Feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. The new website not only aligns with Kyle Engineering’s brand identity but also drives better engagement through improved usability and SEO, reflecting the firm's commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of their work. This project was a rewarding opportunity to merge creative design with practical, user-centric solutions, ultimately helping Kyle Engineering strengthen their online presence in a competitive market.

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