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Applied Bionomics

Website design

Transforming Applied Bionomics’ online presence to streamline access and improve user interaction.


Product Designer & Developer


August '23 - October '23
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Applied Bio-nomics, a pioneer in biological pest control since 1980, faced a significant challenge with their website, which was outdated and cluttered. As world leaders in the introduction and implementation of biological pest controls, their digital presence was not reflecting their innovative approach and expertise. The website was difficult to navigate with a massive amount of important but inaccessible information. Recognizing the need for a transformation, they sought a redesign that would match their status as industry leaders and make their wealth of resources more user-friendly.

Redesigning for Clarity and Accessibility

Organizing a Wealth of Information

The primary challenge was the vast amount of content that needed to be retained yet reorganized for better accessibility. The existing content was extensive but poorly structured, making it challenging for users to find specific information about products, pests, and solutions. To address this, I developed a comprehensive backend system that interconnected all related content. This system allowed each product, pest, and solution page to have direct links to its relevant counterparts, ensuring that users could navigate between related topics seamlessly.

Enhancing Navigation with a Double Bar Menu

I introduced a double bar menu system to enhance the desktop user experience. This setup was crucial for differentiating between various types of site content and user actions. I allocated the upper bar for general company information, ensuring clear and direct access to details about the company, its resources, and contact information. The lower bar, in contrast, was designed for specific operational tasks such as exploring products or finding distributors.

This dual-menu structure allows users to effortlessly switch between learning about the company and taking action, such as purchasing a product or locating a distributor. By clearly distinguishing between informational content and actionable items, I aimed to streamline site navigation and enhance overall usability.

Implementing Technical Solutions for Enhanced Functionality

The redesign involved several technical enhancements that required custom coding and innovative solutions, some of which included:

  • Distributor Map: I created an interactive map to help users easily find distributors of Applied Bio-nomics products worldwide, enhancing the company's global accessibility.
  • Wishlist Feature: To improve the shopping experience, I implemented a wishlist feature, allowing users to save and revisit their preferred products easily. This feature not only enhanced user engagement but also facilitated easier purchase decisions by allowing users to download and share their product list with distributors.

The Applied Bio-nomics website redesign was a complex project that involved rethinking how to present a large volume of information in a way that is accessible, engaging, and reflective of the company’s leadership in biological pest control. Through innovative backend solutions, improved navigation structures, and enhanced interactive features, the new website now serves as a robust platform that supports both the company's operational needs and its user’s informational requirements. The transformation not only made the site aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate but also aligned its digital presence with its esteemed reputation in the industry.

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